Environmental Waterproofing

Fatra dont just provide waterproofing membranes. Fatra provide fully integrated PVC waterproofing systems that have been specifically tailored to the Australian Waterproofing industry. 

Mechanically Fixed - Cold Roof

Mechanically Fixed - Cool Roof


Fatra mechanically fixed systems can be implemented on insulated or uninsulated projects and provides a cost affective alternative to fully adhered systems. The membrane which is incorporated into a mechanically fixed system is the Fatrafol 810v. The 810v is lined with a nylon reinforcement which gives the membrane the structural strength to cope with the wind uplift suction generated on the mechanically anchored areas.

Mechanically Fixed Insulated Systems
The Fatra mechanically fastened insulated system consists of a vapour control layer sealed at the joints with butyl sealing tape, insulation board which is anchored to the substrate using Fatra PVC pads, telescopic tubes and fixings. The telescopic tubes enables the contractor to use shorter fixings which improves the strength of the fixings themselves whilst reducing thermal bridging through the fixings. Once the fixing system is in place, the Fatrapad adhesive is applied to the PVC pads on each fixing prior to installation of the Fatrafol 810v nylon reinforced PVC sheet membrane. Once the pad adhesive has been applied the PVC sheet membrane is laid over the top and is bonded to the fixing system providing a fast, efficent and non penetrative method of completing a warm roof system
Note: If an EPS or XPS insulation board is implemented, a separation layer between the insulation and PVC membrane is required

Mechanically Fixed Uninsulated Systems
The Fatra mechanically fastened uninsulated system is implemented by anchoring 40mm pressure plates and fixings to the substrate. This can be done by either lap fastening or installing intermittent fixings through the field sheet and strapping.

The Fatra pad warm roof system has been specifically engineered by Fatra to create a non penetrative mechanically fixed system which means reduced material and labour costs whilst achieving a superior mechanically fastened system design to withstand extreme climate conditions with affecting the performance of the membrane. Fatra also provide in-house Wind Load Calculation reports that are specific to each individual project. The Fatra Wind Load Calculation reports takes into consideration all aspects of the building such as location, height etc to determine a minimum fixing pattern requirement and is compliant with AS/NZS 1170-2 (2011) structural design actions - Part 2: Wind actions. The report provides an in-depth report including fixing pattern for specific areas and 3D projects of the building and fixing patterns. Contact Fatra to find out more​.

Fully Adhered 

Fully Adhered - Cool Roof 

Fully Adhered - Refurbishment 


Fatra fully adhered systems can be incorporated on insulated and uninsulated projects. The membrane that is used for a fully adhered system is either the  Fatrafol 807 300gsm fleece back or Fatrafol 807v 120gsm fleece back PVC membrane with either our Fatrabond 1215 roller applied or Fatrabond 2350 spray applied moisture curing adhesive.  A Fatra fully adhered system can be installed directly over concrete, timber, tissue faced insulation board or directly bonded over a failed bitumen (Fatrafol 807 only) or liquid membrane.

Fully Adhered Cold Roof Systems (New Build)
The Fatra fully adhered cold roof system is primarily aimed at new build projects and is implemented by fully adhering the Fatrafol 807v 180gsm fleece back PVC membrane to the concrete or timber substrate using either the Fatrabond 1215 roller applied adhesive or the Fatrabond 2350 spray applied adhesive. 

Fully Adhered Warm Roof Systems (New and Refurbishment)
The Fatra fully adhered insulated system is implemented by fully adhering a bitumen based vapour control layer to the substrate or using an existing bitumen membrane to act as the VCL. The relevant insulation board is then bonded to the VCL using the Fatrabond Insulation adhesive.  Fatrafol 807v 180gsm fleece back PVC membrane is then bonded to the tissue faced insulation board using either the Fatrabond 1215 roller applied adhesive or the Fatrabond 2350 spray applied adhesive. 

Fully Adhered Uninsulated Systems (Remedial/Refurbishment)
The Fatra fully adhered uninsulated system for remedial/refurbishment projects is implemented by fully adhering the Fatrafol 807 300gsm fleece back PVC membrane over an existing failed liquid or bitumen membrane using either the Fatrabond 1215 roller applied adhesive or the Fatrabond 2350 spray applied adhesive. The slightly thicker fleece on the Fatrafol 807 provides adequate protection for the PVC to enable it to be installed directly over a failed membrane without compromising the PVC membrane. 

Fatra fully adhered systems are specifically tailored to the Australian waterproofing industry and provide a sustainable and versatile waterproofing membrane that can be installed either directly to the substrate or over an existing failed waterproofing system.

Insulated Roof Panels


Fatra PVC membranes are one of the most versatile waterproofing systems avaialble. Fatra can also provide waterproofing solutions to be either bonded or mechancially fixed to a insulated steel lined roof panel to protect your most valuable assests. 

Having been involved in one of the largest new build projects in Australia and a wealth of experience in this type of system worldwide, Fatra are the market leaders when it comes to provide sustainable, efficent and reliable waterproofing solutions. 

Green Roof System


A green roof system is implemented by using a fully bonded membrane either the Fatrafol 807 or 807v PVC membrane depending on site specific details along with the adequate drainage cell and filter layers depending on the vegetation build up of the green roof. 

Green roofs in Sydney are inevitably on the rise. By March 2014 the City of Sydney recorded more than 98,000m2 of green roofs and walls installed and are receiving an average 1 application a week to implement a green roof or wall. The reasons for the rise in green roofs are vast. A green roof reduces the impact of the urban heat island affect, improves air quality & absorption of carbon dioxide. Green roofs also support biodiversity and provide an environment for wildlife to flourish. It also has a direct financial impact on the client as it improves building efficiency through heating, cooling and sound insulation as well as extending the life span of roof system.​

Ballasted System

A ballasted roof system can be implemented by installing either a mechanically fixed or fully adhered system depending on the ballast system that is required. A pebbled ballast, adjustable chair and pavers or timber decking can be installed over either waterproofing system to achieve a ballasted system.  The Fatrabar provides the client with a method of fixing timber, AC units and solar to the structure without penetrating the waterproofing membrane.

A ballasted system opens up various different options to the client and can be implemented on podium decks, balconies, rooftop terraces & common areas giving the client additional room to carry out social events which will increase revenue whilst decreasing energy bills due to the thermal mass capabilities of the ballast and will also protect the membrane from the harsh Australian UV which will in turn increase the life span of the waterproofing membrane.

Standing Seam Replicate


​The standing seam replicate system is purely for modern architecture and provides excellent aesthetics to bespoke projects to create the look of a metal roof but with the performance of a PVC membrane system. The membrane implemented on this system is either the Fatrafol 807 or 807v depending on the substrate or existing membrane.

Basement Waterproofing


​Fatra have studied the market and listened to our clients both builders and applicators which is why Fatra have introduced our Fatrafol 803 yellow/black basement waterproofing membrane system. Its unique black scrim enables applicators to spot any potential damage in the membrane which stands out against the yellow upside of the PVC membrane. 

Our Fatrafol 803 basement system offers superior performance, ease of application and a cost effective solution for all types of basement waterproofing requirements.